I have just one word to describe my feelings: WOW!

In a local election year, the fervor and enthusiasm that we have managed to achieve can only be a direct reflection of the amount of effort and tremendous teamwork that our volunteers and members of the Monroe County Democratic Committee expended on our behalf. I want to personally thank everyone who contributed to this outcome: First and foremost my family—my husband Nicholas, and my sons, Benjamin, Samuel and Gregory, from whom I have been on loan these past several months. I thank you for your unyielding support, patience and forbearance. I want to thank our campaign volunteers, particularly the members of the Brighton Democratic Committee and my campaign guru, Louise Novros, who has not only honorably served the community as a member of the Brighton Town Council, but has been a mentor to me. I appreciate her unalloyed support. Lastly, I want to thank the other members of the Brighton Democratic Slate: Town Supervisor Bill Moehle, Town Clerk, Dan Aman, and Town Councilmember, Jim Vogel, who exemplified teamwork, and whose legacy of good-governance, I am proud to now join. Thank you for your support!

I do want to highlight what I believe to be the strength of my candidacy: Teamwork. At a time in our nation’s history when divisiveness and rancor have been the predominant themes, our little microcosm of Brighton managed to unify around a set of shared values and stand up for one another for the good of our community.

The importance of the race we ran was not diminished by its being uncontested. Ours was a campaign grounded in the needs and desires of our beloved community of Brighton, and throughout the course of the election, we have endeavored to touch as many of you, on an individual basis, as we possibly could.

For the last four months, as we went door-to-door speaking with residents of Brighton, we didn’t always agree, but we were always open to dialogue. Despite that Americans remain divided on a national level, with rhetoric escalating to the point that we often talk past one another, in Brighton, we look forward to continued inclusive and open government, where all stakeholders have a seat at the table, and feedback is not only welcomed, but cherished. I look forward to working with my colleagues to shepherd Brighton into the future with openness and optimism.

Bearing in mind that the many commonalities that we share far outweigh the differences among us, I am honored to take this first step in my tenure as Town Councilmember, working as one Brighton, as we move forward together, for the good of our community.