Excellent educational opportunities have been the hallmark of the community of Brighton for its entire history. Being home to many exceptional institutions of public and private learning, Brighton must continue to foster and enhance the opportunity that access to those institutions represents for our residents. I intend to explore potential new partnerships with our instructional neighbors, to continue this enduring legacy and ensure that our residents receive the maximum benefit from having these institutions in our midst.




Over the past two decades, Brighton has enjoyed thoughtful development that burgeoned an increase in park space to over 500 acres; and a master plan that includes Green Infrastructure and storm water improvements to our Monroe Avenue corridor. As a member of Town Board, I will focus on supporting Community Choice Aggregation to help our community protect the environment and lower overall energy costs; as well as proactively pursue other sustainable practices and partnerships that enhance value for our residents, while preserving our community resources and assets.



Brighton includes over thirty active neighborhood organizations. These groups often serve as gateways to civic participation. By utilizing the existing neighborhood organization infrastructure and better coordinating it with town communication mechanisms, my goal will be to increase community participation and engagement in government from the most grassroots level.

Brighton is fortunate to have enjoyed open and transparent governance. Open public forums during all Town Board meetings and community access to vision and master plans have ensured that our residents remain informed about what their government can do for them. As technological improvements are wrought, we need to remain vigilant that we access these resources to ensure that our residents not only continue to be informed, but also so that residents may offer feedback or express concerns regarding town leadership and direction.